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    I’m not like other girls!XD


    I only have guy friends. I mean all girls do is start drama.image

    Oh my god, i hate sluts! image

    Other girls my age like to drink and party but i like to stay inside and read or watch netflix! I’m so weird. image

    All the girls in my school care about is makeup and shopping and all i care about is FOOD and VIDEO GAMES. lol sometimes i think i was born a guy.image

    This is everything.

    Lmaoooo ugh queen

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  3. "Why are you sad? Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings."
    — Pierrot Le Fou (1965) dir. by Jean-Luc Godard (via hisworkofart)

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  4. I look like a stock image. 


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    probably one of my favorite quotes

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    One of my favorite things to see is random people trying to interact with unfamiliar outdoor cats. Just standing there with a hand out, making kissy noises, maybe meowing at the cat while it ignores them. Mankind at its best and least dignified

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    I live in Osaka, Japan and often use the subway to go to work in the morning. One day while I was waiting for the train, I noticed a homeless man standing in the corner of the subway station muttering to himself as people passed by. He was holding out a cup and seemed to be begging for spare change.

    An overweight woman passed by the homeless man and I distinctly heard him say, “Pig.”

    Wow, this man is insulting people and he still expects them to give him money?

    Then a tall businessman went by and the man muttered, “Human.”

    Human? I can’t argue with that. Obviously, he was human.

    The next day, I arrived early at the subway station and had some time to kill, so I decided to stand close to the homeless man and listen to his strange mutterings.  A thin, haggard-looking man passed in front of him and I heard the homeless guy mutter, “Cow.” Cow? The man was much too skinny to be a cow. To me, he resembled a turkey or a chicken. A minute or so later, an obese man went by and the homeless man said, “Potato.” Potato? I was under the impression that he called all fat people “Pig”.

    That day at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the homeless man and his puzzling behavior. I kept trying to find some logic or pattern in what he as muttering. Perhaps he has some kind of psychic ability. In Japan many people believe in reincarnation, so maybe he knows what these people were during a previous life. I observed the man many times and began to think my theory was right. I often heard him calling people things like “Rabbit”, “Onion”, “Sheep”, or “Tomato”.

    One day, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to ask him what was going on. As I walked up to him, he looked at me and said, “Bread.” I tossed some money into his cup and asked him if he had some kind of psychic ability. The man smiled and said, “Yes, indeed. It is an ability I obtained many years ago, but it’s not what you might expect. I can’t tell the future or read minds or anything like that.”

    “Then what is your ability?” I asked eagerly.

    “The ability is merely to know the last thing somebody ate,” he said.

    I laughed because I realized he was right. He said, “Bread.” The last thing I had eaten for breakfast that day was toast. I walked away shaking my head. Of all the psychic abilities someone could have, that one must be the most useless.





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    "I decided that I was a feminist. This seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, [women’s expression is] seen as too strong, too aggressive, anti-men, unattractive."

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